3 Reasons to have a website care plan

In this article you’ll learn about what a website care plan is and why they are absolutely vital to the health of your website and growing your digital presence.

Many people think that once a website is built it’s basically good-to-go and beyond occasional updates to info or the regular blog post there isn’t much that goes into maintaining a website.

This of course isn’t relevant for larger enterprises which have constantly evolving websites full of dynamic information. E.g. eCommerce, forums, etc.

But, having a great website without a care plan and traffic strategy is a lot like buying a sports car and never driving it. Sure, it looks great but what’s the point of having it if you don’t take it for a spin once in a while.

Having a great custom website care plan will absolutely keep your online presence relevant, secure and growing. There are 3 main areas that website care plans target to keep your website growing.

Security & Updates

The benefits for your website in terms of security and site updates is that they are incredibly useful to keep your website running, up-to-date and bug free.

A few benefits of a website care plan are:

  • Fast performance in terms of page loading times on all devices.
  • A secure website that is safe from hackers.
  • Regular technical support for any site issues.
  • Regularly updates to the software running your site. These updates are weekly and ensure no issues.
  • Daily backups – This is exactly what it sounds like. If your site goes down, you can simply have it reloaded to a previous version from the day before and work out the bugs after that.
  • You’ll be able to scale your site long term to meet your business needs with a care plan. With dedicated technical support and a care plan provider that knows your business, goals and needs it’s much simpler to upgrade your website to handle more traffic, add pages and integrate features.

Imagine this scenario: you’re busy running your business and have a steady amount of traffic coming to your website and you’re meeting your sales goals. Then, the person in your company responsible for website content updates goes in and changes something. Suddenly, without explanation, the website crashes. No reason can be found for why the site has crashed but the reality is that now it’s not running. During this time you’re missing out on valuable traffic to your website and missing important sales to keep the business running. But, with a website care plan that has all of your security, updates and technical support included, you won’t have to worry about this! Even if the site were to break, you’d be up and running in a matter of minutes again with a dedicated person helping to solve the issue on the back-end while you continue to get the traffic and sales you need.

Content & Marketing

A good website is your company portal to all relevant information about your business and the products or services you offer. But, if no one is seeing this information, how are you to grow? This is where care plan marketing comes in. A good website care plan integrates traffic, lead generation and nurturing strategies to capitalize on the benefits of having a new website.

Traffic Growing

There are many ways to drive website traffic to your website. The most common forms are SEO, search engine marketing, paid ads and content creation strategies. These tactics help to get people looking for the services you offer to view your website. With a website care plan, a custom combination of these tactics can be implemented to grow your website traffic and optimize viewers to have more and more interested and qualified people looking for your services/products to see what you offer.

Lead Nurturing

On the other side of marketing strategy is lead nurturing. Imagine your website already has a high amount of traffic. What do you do with that traffic? Are your website visitors contacting you, buying your products or requesting more information? If not, perhaps adjusting your messaging and implementing new content strategies, email newsletters and lead magnets can help you take visitors to your site from just viewing to loyal customers.

With a website care plan all of this can be managed by the people who build your website. they have an intimate knowledge of your business who you need to attract. Everything works together synergistically and can be continually optimized to get your business the best possible results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Although SEO (search engine optimization) can be viewed as a marketing tactic included above, it deserves it’s own section. SEO is basically the process of optimizing your website (content, design, back-end) to be viewed in the right places on search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) Additionally, the end goal for SEO is to have your business listing be viewed as the top link. For example, if you sell Ferrari’s in Orlando Florida, you would want people searching online to find your dealership as the first option when they type in something like, “Ferrari Dealership Orlando”. The thing with SEO is, there are a million factors that go into getting your site ranked high on search engines. A lot of it is continual optimization of keywords and content creation on your website to remain relevant to viewers.

With a website care plan you can employ a dedicated person to work on optimizing your website and improve your ranking online. Every business who needs regular traffic to their site should invest in dedicated SEO optimization on a monthly basis. And for larger enterprises, an aggressive strategy could be exactly what you need to meet your sales goals and improve your cost/profit ratio.

At New Reality we offer all levels of SEO plans that can help your business and work within your budget. You’ll have a dedicated person responsible for your account who will develop your site and generate the results through both on and off page strategies. We provide you with regular reports and continue to optimize and provide better and better results.


When researching for a website care plan, make sure to find a solution that meets your exact needs. Overspending or underspending will quickly give you sub-optimal results.

We’d love to discuss with you about our website care plans and find a solution that firstly brings traffic to your website and secondly helps you take advantage of that increased traffic. We are fully dedicated to customer satisfaction and will do everything in our power to get you the results you need.

Tell us, does this all make sense? Is there something about a website care plan you think we should integrate that would be great for your business? We would love to chat.